Monday, 25 March 2013

New Pandora Style Bracelets by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

By introducing the latest SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ Innovations, SWAROVSKI showcased some cool designs for their beloved so called Becharmed beads on SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS' website.

Incorporating different kind of Pavés, Becharmed Crystals as well as Becharmed Pearl beads SWAROVSKI, just gives us a hint how these beads are capable to create unique, elegant and fun designs for our every day fashion jewelry needs as well as classy and sophisticated bracelet and necklace for other occasions.

To meet our lovely customers' inquiries we just added the exact same designs to our product list, so you don't have to go through every page to pick each of the beads. However our recommendation is to add at least two bead stopper to both ends in order to secure the beads and limit their mobility. And of course you can add Sterling Silver beads to your Pandora Style bracelet or necklace if you want it to be more tasteful.

Bead StopperBead Lock

All you have to do is visit our online shop and add your desireble Pandora Style bracelet to your shopping cart. (Click Here; )

See you there ;)